Hello Lovelies, 

I''m so exited to show you the new addition to my closet, a few posts ago, I shared my love for this beautiful Chanel espadrilles, this babies were sold out everywhere, and while available on Ebay, I was very squeptic about purchasing a pair (due to high demand, there is a lot of room for counterfeits) so I finally gave up, and decided to put my self on a waiting list with little hope I was going to get them this summer, but to my absolute delight I got a call from Chanel boutique telling me they were finally here!! Girls I'm telling you, this is not a shoe to buy online, the size as I came to find out, was a lot trickier than I though, I had to go up two full sizes!! Gorgeous no doubt and very comfortable, this is definitely one purchase  worth waiting for, I know they are not the most economical shoe, and I pride my self to be very frugal and rational about my purchases, but, once in a while is good to do something nice for your self, so save up some money and indulge!



So finally after a year and a half , I feel brave enough to go through  my bathing suit drawer, as  you may have guessed, I'm obsessed with Agua Bendita swimwear!  Not only because two Colombian designers are behind this fabulous brand, but because they have the most beautiful and unique bathing suits ever!! I got this gorgeous Agua Bendita Bathing suit a couple of years ago, and honestly, I didn't feel comfortable enough to wear it, so it's been hidding in my drawer all this time until next weekend, when I will finally get the chance to wear it, I truly forgot how beautiful it is, the flower detail is amazing, so feminine and flirty, I'm just in love with it, it's definitely my  favorite piece ever!